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Subtle Shifts


Subtle Shifts

How can subtle changes made to space, daily routine and community engagement lead to wider long term shifts in the identity of a place?

Subtle Shifts was a month long spatial intervention, and series of events, that took place at East Village as part of London Festival of Architecture 2018.

Victory Park is located within East Village, the former London 2012 Athletes’ Village in Stratford. It is a new neighbourhood, and a new community.

We collaborated with Glasgow based designer, Tenement, to create a temporary intervention within East Village.

The design was developed through a close creative relationship, exploring a range of natural materials; timber, beetroot, turmeric.

We led a week long on-site build, drawing the curiosity of residents and passersby.
Subtle Shifts was launched on Saturday the 2nd of June 2018 with an afternoon of discussion on identity, linking to the theme of the Festival, where a range of invited speakers and local residents discussed the emergence of identity in a new place.
Originally designed to stand for the month long duration of the festival, the structure proved incredibly popular with local residents and remained in place for eight months.

During that time it was used for a wide range of community events, and even a wedding ceremony.

  • Client: Get Living London

  • Location: East Village, London, UK

  • Completion: 2018

  • Collaborators: Tenement, London Festival of Architecture, Sahra Hersi